99 reasons to drink wine

The wine-minded folks over at Wine Folly came up with no less than 99 reasons to drink wine. Not that you needed it… Reason number one: Because fermentation is fascinating! Some of the other reasons are hilarious (“Reason #30: You can’t afford a massage and this is the next best thing”), some are plain weird (Reason #7: You secretly enjoy the scent of sweaty saddle leather”), and some are painfully true (Reason #39: It’s Friday night and you (don’t) have plans).


Here are a few of our favourites:

Reason 42: Because it is time to call your mother.

Reason 25: The Pope does.

Reason 52: Your grandma just asked you to help teach her how to use her smartphone.

Reason 74: We should all participate in water conservation.

Head on over to winefolly.com to enjoy the rest.


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