The perfect wine in the perfect context



Matt Kramer for Wine Spectator


Sometimes a wine you have enjoyed before can taste off, not quite right. Wine Spectator blogger Matt Kramer blames the host. “Too often if a fine wine fails to show, it’s usually because somehow the context didn’t work.”
He offers five rules to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
1.    Temperature – serve red and white wines on what you might consider a tad cool. The glass will warm up quickly enough to just the right temperature.
2.    A degree of ritual – even it is turning to your companions and say Salut! Kramers says there is still a place for a casual crowd-pleaser like this one.
3.    The gesture of generosity – in a word, magnums. The sheer size is sure to wow and will make the wine the centre of attention.
4.    The element of surprise – challenge the norm and serve a cold glass of something sweet as a welcome drink, instead of bubbly, or how about a rosé in the middle of winter?
5.    The right wine for the moment – pay attention to the wine, but don’t drone on about it. Kramer says it is the obligation of the host to match the wines with the guest and the environment. Remember who is drinking your wine and choose accordingly.
Read the full article here.


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