Like us, you have probably heard lots of mad tips and tricks for preserving wine, ranging from a teaspoon hung in an open bottle of sparkling wine to fancy oxygen removing gadgets. Vinepair says begone with these old wives’ tales and expensive gizmos, they have the answer.

Trick 1: One of the biggest threats to wine is surface area. The more wine in contact with oxygen, the more quickly it will start to degrade. Avoid this problem is by transferring your wine into a smaller container, ideally a half bottle (375 ml). Close the bottle with a cork or screwcap and store in the fridge. The wine should last at least 2 more days in its new, smaller home.

Trick #2: If you don’t have a half-bottle or small container lying around, a great way to ensure your wine will last at least another day is by placing it in the fridge. Owing to the cold temperature inside your refrigerator, oxygen is not able to inflict the same damage at the same speed as it would if you left the bottle out on your counter.


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