There is a science to great wine and the good folks at Winefolly came up with four pillars to support this. To quote Robert Mondavi, “Making good wine is a skill, making fine wine is an art.”

Great grapes and skilled winemaking: This doesn’t need a lot of explanation. As with other things in life, starting out with quality ingredients and handling them with skill is the minimum start to a great product. Terroir, or the environment in which the grapes are grown, plays a great role here and includes factors like climate, soil, orientation, etc. As for winemaking, decisions that the winemaker makes have far-reaching effects on the final product, from yeast to ageing.

Long-term vision: the great ones have one thing in common, they think big. The idea of your winery outliving you alters how you think about your business.

Art: The mystical part of a great wine that is hard to quantify. According to the article, winemakers, like artists, follow different ideologies and these core competencies are reflected in the wine.

Read the full article, featuring more thoughts from the great Mondavi, here.


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