Cheese platter 101


The cheese platter is the lazy host’s perfect entertainment. It looks like a million bucks, but takes mere moments to assemble. Because let’s face it, what is the point of having friends over and having to spend frantic hours in the kitchen while they are having all the fun? Designer Sara Mueller posted a nifty guide to a great cheese platter and here is her oh so stylish suggestion.
1. Buy a good wood board or marble pastry board.
2. Add prosciutto or salami, or even a Spanish ham.
3. Add your favorite cheeses.
4. Add some vegetables such as olives and cherry tomatoes. Sara suggests adding heirloom tomatoes sliced in big chunks with some olive oil and kosher or sea salt.
5. Add some sweetness to the plate in form of fruits, such as fresh figs, sliced pears, and grapes.
6. For a little crunch add some nuts.
7. Add honey in case you or others want some more flavor.
8. And last, but so essential is either slices of a French baguette and/or some crackers.


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