If you are serious about your wine hobby, or you just want to seem that you are, Winefolly has compiled a list of wine gadgets you can’t live without.

1    A waiter’s friend. This no-nonsense cork opener says hey, I’ve been enjoying wine for a long time now. I don’t need fancy one-armed openers that cost an arm and a leg and take up half my counter.
2    Decent glasses. A Japanese study actually proved that the shape of a glass affects how the flavour of the wine inside is perceived. So no sense in sipping a R100 wine in a R10 glass then, is there? More about your choice of glass here:
3    A decanter. Exposing a heave red wine to oxygen before drinking helps to smooth out tannins and settle aromas. The best wat to do that? A simple glass decanter.
4    A wine presever. If you aren’t in the habit of finishing a bottle of wine in one go, you really should invest in a preserver to shield your leftovers from further oxygen exposure. The most popular is the vacuum pump, which literally draws the oxygen from the surface of the wine and creates a vacuum. For the same reason, and to preserve bubbles, you’d need a champagne stopper to keep a bubbly fresh for the following day.
5     Polishing cloth. The merit of a polishing cloth becomes apparent as soon as you taste your first mouthful of wine with an added bit of dishwashing soap. A cloth can be as simple or gadgety as you like – opt for a flour sack or even a baby’s dribble cloth if you don’t see the need to splash out on a sommelier’s microfiber cloth.
6    Notebook. Believe us, this is an important tool if you want to remember what you tasted the night before! Take your notes whichever way you like, in an old-fashioned moleskin or a high-tec smartphone app.


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