As wine production areas go, Robertson is among the warmer ones. This presents a challenge when it comes to producing quality Sauvignon Blancs. Winemaker Johan Stemmet generally picks a big portion of his Sauvignon Blanc grapes a bit greener than winemakers in other areas tend to do. This combination of slightly underripe and phenolically ripe grapes ensures a wine with a pleasing acidity and green flavours, offset with riper fruit flavours.
We pick all the grapes for the Excelsior Sauvignon Blanc by hand, keep the wine on the lees for 3 months to ensure a full-bodied wine.
The result is a well-balanced wine with pleasing acidity and full flavours of passionfruit, grapefruit and figs.
Click here to download the tasting note. Graze-chef Deon le Roux recommends a chicken fillet with roasted lemons, green olives and capers as the perfect companion, or visit Graze, our deli, for some other excellent pairing suggestions. And you don’t have to do the dishes!



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