Fish bladders in my wine?


According to the Huffington Post, a federal law in Canada effectively means that shoppers will read about their wine containing fish, eggs or milk! This regulation is aimed at helping allergy sufferers to make good food choices. Alcohol producers are forced to declare everything they use in their production, including eggs to clarify the wine, a process called fining. People have used these methods for hundreds of years and some claim it is a gentler process than aggressive filtration, often believed to strip not only foreign particles, but also flavour.

Other natural fining agents used by winemakers over the years include a derivative of sturgeon bladders and milk protein, bentonite (a form of clay) and gelatine.

Producers have expressed fear that these new labeling requirements can potentially scare off consumers. “If you’re going to regulate those particular allergens, take a look at the scientific evidence,” says president of the Canadian Vintners Association, Dan Paszkowski. “If there is no protein left in the wine after the manufacturing process, including filtering, there is no need to label them because there is no negative impact on consumers.”
Interestingly, the EU approves a number of substances to be used in wine making. Here is a list.


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