Sweets sell in SA


A total turnabout in the situation regarding South Africa’s domestic wine sales and exports in the past year could mark a watershed phase in the industry – hopefully indicating that the long-lasting slump of the domestic market has come to an end and, on the other hand, that exports are facing serious uphill.

Cassie du Plessis reports on wine.co.za that domestic wine sales have increased with 7% in 2014, which can be greatly attributed to that of sweet reds. With brands like Jam Jar gaining popularity over the last years, this category is one to watch. This comes at the same time exports from SA took a dive of almost 20%, even with favourable exchange rates from the weak rand in 2014.

The domestic market has remained virtually flat until 2013, but suddenly spiked with 23.4 million litres in 2014. A special report on the SAWIS website on liquor consumption patterns in SA states “of note in the Super Premium sector is the emergence of more and better Chenin Blanc wines and new white blends, as well as the growth of Sweet Red Wine.”

Read the full report.


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