Harvest 2015


Johan Stemmet

And that’s all done for 2015. Well the picking and fermenting part…

Our first grapes of the 2015 harvest, Sauvignon Blanc, were picked a week early this year, and the last grapes Petit Verdot were picked a week earlier than normal. The weather is the most important factor in determining the quality of the vintage, and Mother Nature smiled upon us this year. The summer was the driest in decades, and had a nice variation between day and night temperatures. This is important for us in red wines as we get our best results when the diurnal range is the largest.

Overall the quality is fantastic, with the whites showing incredible purity and fruit. The Chardonnays in particular are great with intense citrus and mineral characters. The reds are intense with very high levels of colour, flavour and tannin. In all our years making Cabernet we have never seen colour saturation like this before. The wines will take require quite a bit of ageing to make them soft, but that is a job for Johan our winemaker.

Quantities especially on our Cabernet Sauvignon are down due to the drought, but we are extremely happy with the quality and are excited about bringing these wines to the consumer in two years time.



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