Harvest 2015 – smaller but promising

The South African wine grape harvest is over its halfway mark. Wine grape producer organisation Vinpro has released its annual midway harvest. Harvest kicked off about two weeks early this year and producers had to scramble to get their ripe grapes to the cellar. The report shows that, although the volumes aren’t as big as the 2014 bumper harvest, the quality looks promising. It seems that 2015 will be a great year for Sauvignon Blanc and Pinotage. In fact all the wines in the cellar to date look very good.

Excelsior Estate (58)

Here at Excelsior, we haven’t seen much of Johan, our winemaker. We’ll give him time to recuperate after harvest is done and sit him down for a post harvest review. The last grapes will be received by about the 20th of March, close to 10 days earlier than normal.


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