2015’s hottest food trends

Winefolly recorded the hottest trends in food for 2015 that call for “off-the-wall” wine pairings.


  1. Upscale comfort food – usually dishes loaded with cream, as anyone loving macaroni and cheese knows. They suggest a good Cabernet Franc for this one, as the fruity flavours will lighten the richness of said comfort dish.
  2. Vietnamese Cuisine – the exotic spices like star anise or a hoisin sauce is supported by a sparkling Rosé and the kick from the bubbles adds another flavour component.
  3. Vegetarian dining – with more and more people subscribing to Meat-free Mondays, this is fast becoming a trend. A dry rosé with fruity flavours is a great partner to subtle vegetarian flavours.
  4. Nuts instead of bread – gluten-free is all the rage and nuts is a great substitute for bread. A dry sherry works well here, as well as with salty olives.
  5. Fried chicken – this is a surprising suggestion – bone dry sparkling wine as an alternative to the usual suggestion of cold beer.

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