Winemaker Johan Stemmet is known as a man of few words, but we did manage to track him down to answer a few questions.



What do you consider the best wine you ever made?

The first wine I ever made was while at Elsenburg Agricultural College, while I was still studying to be a winemaker. It was a 1999 vintage Port (when we could still call this fortified wine made in the Portugese style a Port) which I made from Touriga Nacional. The best wine I ever made was the 2010 Evanthius Cabernet Sauvignon, but the 2013 may be even better!

Do you have a wine mentor and who?

The first winemaker I worked under was Hein Hesebeck at Ruitersvlei. I learned the most from him, so I would regard him as my mentor.

Is there a wine you particularly enjoy making?

I enjoy making sweet wines, especially fortifieds.

The big debate – cork or screwcap?

Definitely screwcap. There is better control and consistency over the end product.

What is the best thing about making wine?

Every year is different from the previous ones. You also meet lots of different people with different views and opinions on tasting and enjoying wine.


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