As a follow-up to last month’s entry on Excelsior’s community projects focused on children, we now take a look at our activies aimed at adults.


The computer centre at Excelsior

Excelsior employees are housed on the farm with two new houses built annually. Some employees have chosen to use the land around their houses to establish kitchen vegetable gardens in addition to the 2 hectares of irrigated vegetable land they have access to. They are also given pastures, irrigated and maintained by Excelsior, on which to run their cattle which provides them with an extra source of income.

We maintain a rugby field which is home to “The Evergreens” rugby team – one of the oldest rural clubs in South Africa. There is also a function hall on the estate.

“Hendrik’s Honey” is a BEE project run by Hendrik Fuller, a former Excelsior employee. He has established a series of beehives on Excelsior to produce delicious honey. Excelsior assisted with the set up costs and continues to assist with sales.

Excelsior assists employees with transport to Robertson on Saturday for shopping, as well as transport to clinics, church meetings and hospitals.


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