As far as South Africa goes, probably no diet has caused more of a stir than the Banting diet as advocated by Professor Tim Noakes. When following the Banting diet, one typically doesn’t consume food with refined carbohydrates or sugar and instead substitutes it with fat, protein and leafy vegetables. Prof Noakes’ book, the Real Meal Revolution has been on the top seller list in South Africa for a number of months already.
This is what the good doctor has to say about alcohol:  Dry wines, most spirits, low energy beers and a few other drinks are safe, but that is only from a carb perspective. It did make us investigate carbohydrates in wine and we found some interesting information in this regard on Winefolly.
According to this article, our bodies metabolise alcohol in a different way to other food. During the fermentation process in winemaking, the yeast present in the wine uses the carbohydrates to produce alcohol, heat and carbon dioxide. Whatever sugar is left over, contributes to the net carbohydrate in the wine.
A glass of dry wine has 2 grams or less of net carbs, with sweet wines measuring up to 4 grams. This makes it an excellent choice for Banting dieters, as this graphic shows.

carbs in wine


6 responses to “BANTING AND WINE

    • This depends on the wine itself. Technically a dry wine has a sugar level of less than 2.5 grams per litre, and a sweet wine has a level of more than 20 grams per litre, but many of the fortified wines out there can have as much as 90 grams or more. See our website for information on our wines’ sugar levels – Look under RS, or “residual sugar”.

  1. I am new to banting (1 week and 2 days) & must admit that I couldn’t give up my Excelsior wine. I’ve just cut my carbs during the day so I can enjoy my evening treat. 3kg’s down in 8 days, whilst still enjoying my wine 🙂 might not work for everyone, but happy it is for me!

    • Hi, I am seriously banting for 5 weeks now, but also try it your way, by catting carbs totally but having my dry white wine at the end of the day, but I have not loss any weight yet (I would like to lose 17kg which I have picked up since my menopause started about 5 years ago). Is it because of the wine? It is almost a year since your post, are you still living the banting way, drinking your wine and are you keeping your weight down? Please, let me know?

      • Hi Ilze have you lost any more weight? I am new on banting and struggling to not have the occasional glass of wine I am also going through menopause and need to lose quite a bit of weight

  2. Great information thanks. For the graph, are they comparing std size glasses or a specific volume across the different drinks? Ie when you drink a sherry (normally) its a tiny glass and a draft beer is a huge glass.

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