So it’s mid-week and even though you want to, the responsible thing to do is not to have that second glass of Cabernet. You want to save this great bottle of Excelsior for tomorrow, though, but what is the best way?
Outside of the gimmicky gadgets like vacuum pumps, there is a lot you can do to prolong shelf life. The key is to reduce the amount of oxygen touching the surface, according to Winefolly. Be sure to re-cork or recap the wine after every glass poured, keep the wine out of light and store under room temperature. Colder temperatures slow down the oxidation process and a closed wine bottle in a fridge could mean fresh wine for up to five days.
Don’t store the wine on its side, as this increases the surface area exposed to oxygen. And apparently, the older the wine, the quicker it will spoil once openend. So if you’ve waited ten years to open that special bottle, our advice is to have good friends over and finish the bottle in one go!
Read the full article here.


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