According to Peter, 2014 has by far been the toughest harvest he’d ever experienced.

“I definitely have a few more grey hairs.” And between the frost damage and the powdery mildew it’s no surprise.

“We experienced frost damage in some of the Shiraz, but the biggest problem was the January rains, all 150mm of it. This forced us to spray in order to prevent downy and powdery mildew, as well as botrytis rot. Fortunately we avoided these maladies, but only just.20140308_115535

“The quantities were very down for all varieties bar Cabernet Sauvignon. The crop levels were about 15% less that the long term average, but Cabernet was up. Seeing as Cabernet makes up almost 50% of our crop, the overall crop was not too much down.

“Quality was very surprising. After stressing about disease for 2 months, quality is good to very good. Shiraz was the weakest and seems to suffer the most from the January rains. Some blocks are lighter in flavour and colour – that we like. Sauvignon Blanc is vibrant, intense with a great full body.

“Chardonnay is elegant and very finely textured. Merlot is full bodied with great varietal characters, but the star is Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are very classic, with great colour and flavour. So all in all I am happy, but would not want to see a harvest like this again!”


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