We’ve come across an interesting article by Dave Jefferson, posted on the wine portal,, about the importance of wine tourism and making sure that your visitors are treated like royalty.
Decades of fierce competition in the global industry have ensured continuous improvement in wine quality and generally there are good wines available at reasonable prices. It is thus becoming increasingly difficult as a wine producer to truly distinguish oneself. And here is where wine tourism really can make a difference, according to Jefferson.
Wine tourists, he says, are automatic brand ambassadors for the region just visited. They will tell all who want to hear about their wonderful adventures and great wines that they drank. And best of all, they won’t be regarded as sales reps with vested interests, but rather be considered authentic.
Add to this the growing influence and exposure anyone has online, from social media to blogs, a good story can really have legs. Add to this the wide economic impact on multiple sectors in the wine regions, from travel operators, the hotel industry and local restaurants, and one really cannot over-emphasize the importance of wine tourism. Read the whole article here.

At Excelsior we try to offer both local and foreign visitors a pleasant tasting experience in a relaxed atmosphere. We love it when you lose track of time overlooking our dam, or when your children make friends with Caesar, the family dog. And soon you’ll have the chance to sample great country food in Graze, our deli. Please give us feedback on your experience as a wine traveler to our estate, it is very important to us.
And here’s just a sobering point to ponder. According to Jefferson’s article, during the next five years, 400 million Chinese tourists will make overseas trips. Being able to secure even a sliver of 1% of that tourism travel, just imagine what the impact on the South African economy would be!


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