Here’s a test for you: punch a hole in a piece of paper with a regular paper punch. Press your tongue against this hole and count the number of taste buds, or papilla, in front of a mirror. Count more than 30? Congratulations, you are a supertaster!

According to Winefolly, there are three kinds of tasters in the world – supertaster, average and non-taster. Supertasters are typically also fussy eaters, and more women than men fall into this category. Everything tastes intense to this group – sweet, salty, sour, bitter. These are typically the type to hate bitter foods like Brussel sprouts or wines with high tannin levels.
People in the average group experience their food in a less intense way and tend to be more adventurous. And the non-tasters typically have no problem with seriously spicy or strongly flavoured food.
But whether you are a supertaster or not – fear not, because most of wine’s appreciation happens through the nose. Taste your wine slowly and pay attention to the aroma, texture and mouth feel and enjoy every glass. For more, read here.
And incidentally, most tasters tend to enjoy sweeter tastes more than tannic or acidic wines. For those we have the perfect solution – the Excelsior SVC, a blend of Viognier and Chardonnay with a pleasant sugar level of 30 grams per litre. The sugar in the Viognier grape is concentrated by dessication, where the stem of the bunch of grapes is pinched, and the grapes are left to dry out and gain a raisin-like character. Nevertheless, it is a wine with plenty of freshness, which is brought about by the Chardonnay component, and you can expect pear and honey aromas on the nose. Try the Excelsior Sweet Viognier Chardonnay at R50.


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