If an uncomplicated, summery Sauvignon Blanc is your cup of tea, then you will love the Excelsior Sauvignon Blanc 2013.


“It is made in a friendly style,” says owner Peter de Wet of this Sauvignon Blanc. “It is built up out of three equally balanced components. The first is a ripe component from the farm’s limestone soils which brings full-bodied citrus and white peach flavours and contributes to a creamy mouth feel. The second is a cool climate component from vineyards located 400 m above sea level, which brings Granny Smith apple and fynbos flavours, and a level of minerality to the wine. The third is a green component which brings passion fruit and grapefruit to the wine.”

These three components are blended in equal quantity to bring a fresh, balanced wine with satisfying acidity, retailing at around R40 – R45. All grapes – all 3500 tons of them! – are pressed by hand. With the 2014 vintage in tank, waiting to be bottled by winemaker Johan Stemmet, there aren’t too many bottles of this vintage available, so be sure to get your hands on a case or two.


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