fennel, celery and apple salad

Well-known food blogger Ilse van der Merwe, also known as The Food Fox, dreamed up this green salad with  fresh flavours of fennel, celery and apple and tangy notes of lemon.

fennel salad
Ingredients: (serves 4-6)
•    2 large fennel bulbs
•    2 celery sticks
•    1 large green apple (Granny Smith)
•    juice of half a lemon
•    good quality extra virgin olive oil
•    salt & pepper
1.    Slice the fennel bulbs horizontally into very fine shavings, preferably using a mandolin cutter or a food processor slicer. Finely cut some of the fennel fronds as well (about 1 cup), and place it all in a large salad bowl.
2.    Now also slice the celery finely, and cut the apple into fine julienne strips.
3.    Toss it all together, then drizzle with lemon juice & olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and toss to coat well. Serve immediately.
Note: This salad can be made about 1-2 hours in advance, if covered and chilled. It is the dressing that prevents the apple from discolouring, so don’t forget to toss the salad in the dressing before storing it.

When asked, Ilse reckoned this fresh salad with its summer flavours will pair really well with the Excelsior Sauvignon Blanc.

Excelsior Sauvignon Blanc
Published with permission from The Food Fox.


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