grape stomping

Get your feet dirty this harvest!

Pigeage, you say? This is the French term for the messy, deliciously fun activity of grape stomping and we invite you to roll up those trousers and join in the festivities on the Ides of March, or March 15th, as part of the Robertson Wine Valley’s Hands on Harvest festival, a two-month long celebration of harvest and the anticipation of good wines to come.

We’re living it up old school with no fancy modern technology and it promises to be heaps of fun. We power up on coffee and mosbolletjies (traditional buns leavened with the must of grapes) before heading out to the vineyards for some grape picking.

Koffie and Sweetie, our trusty donkeys, will transport the precious cargo back to the cellar where the choice is yours: either get down, dirty and barefooted in the vat, or try a slightly more sophisticated way of a basket press. You also get to blend and bottle your own wine in the tasting room.

The morning is concluded with a farm tour and barrel tasting hosted by Peter and Jacques de Wet, followed by lunch with the family.
For booking information, click here.


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