Hard-core athletes tame Xtri-me weather

There has been some pretty extreme and unusual weather over the last few weeks (global warming anyone?!) which has left some of our neighbours with substantial hail damage to their crop.

Last weekend, at the height of the storm conditions, also happened to be the inaugural weekend of the Xtri triathalon! Run by the aptly named Xtreme Company, it’s a new and adventurous triathalon which takes place in the rugged beauty of Robertson wine valley across Excelsior and adjacent farms.

Freddie de Wet (Excelsior) and Matt Kloos (Xtri athlete)

The idea for a new off-road triathlon series was born one (substantially drier) summer evening earlier this year when Rainer (the real estate guy), Carin (his lovely wife and lawyer), Matt (his son and the team actuary) and Jeremy (big cheese and great mate) had gone to stay on Jeremy’s farm and indulged their love of the outdoors by going for a cycle, a run and a swim in the dam.

Before the bridge was washed away...And...no bridge!

The Xtreme Company’s central ethos is sustainable and responsible eventing and huge local community involvement. It was a labour of love to put it all together and they’ve been well supported by partners like Canterbury, Nathan, Skins, Mizuno, Golden Riviera, Breede River Hospice and the Langeberg municipality.

Matt bravely rescuing the Excelsior flag

Little did they know of the extra hurdles the ‘freak’ weather would present! Many athletes who had signed up to compete weren’t even able to leave their own homes, others had to leave early and The Xtreme Company had to implement plan D (no jokes, plan D!) as all bridges and causeways on the original route had either flooded or been washed away.

The mighty Breede River lived up to its name and the athletes bravely hurled themselves into a swollen river, cycled on tracks that 4×4 s could not get through and ran a stunning trail run.

It most certainly lived up to the company’s aim of ‘presenting nothing ordinary’ and those who were able to take part loved the challenge.

RunningExtreme cyclingExtreme cycling

Swimming in the swollen river


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