At the bottom of the beautiful briny sea…

Our last sea related post raised news of some other wines from the murky depths; none other than our neighbours at Springfield Estate who came up with the idea  of a ‘sea cellar’ back at the turn of this century.

Abrie and Jeanette Bruwer, the brother and sister duo who run Springfield, plopped some of their Methode Ancienne Cabernet 1997 six fathoms deep into the Atlantic to see what would happen. And there they left it…for 12 years!fishing at Struisbaai 065

This Cabernet comes from a vineyard of 30-year-old vines which are planted on a steeply sloping, rocky, 80% quartz soil; the yield is a mere 0.8 tonnes per acre. During the wine making process the grape juice is fermented via the yeast that naturally occurs on its skins, with no added artificial yeast, and, after two years’ ageing in new French oak, it is bottled as it is – unfined and unfiltered. Some of the 1997 vintage was left to mature in the safety of the cellar while the sea bound cases had wax put on their corks to avoid absorbing sea water.

Wax seals

Despite the careful preparation, when they came to retrieve their booty …it was nowhere to be seen! The sea had disguised the cages and the currents had moved so it took an entire search party to find it.

Found it!

As the wine was exposed to higher temperatures from the warmer Atlantic Ocean (up to 18C) it has advanced more quickly than the rest of the vintage which is still happily maturing in the cellar.

fishing at Struisbaai 058

For more information and to get your hands on a bottle of the good stuff contact Alett Bruwer


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