3 Wines to drink during the 2012 London Olympics

Ultra Liquors have suggested Excelsior Cabernet Savignon for the Olympics! Original Article here

3 Wines to drink during the 2012 London Olympics


It’s finally here! The 2012 London Olympic Games kick off today and we have some wine recommendations for you to enjoy while you watch your favourite athletes competing for gold. Let the games begin!

R45.99 per bottle

Spier Merlot

The javelin throw is a track and field athletics throwing event where the object to be thrown is the javelin, a spear approximately 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) in length. Javelin is an event of both the men’s decathlon and the women’s heptathlon. The javelin thrower gains momentum by running within a predetermined area. Spier’s Merlot is clearly the perfect wine to enjoy while watching this spear throwing event. (that is if you use your best English pronunciation and a bit of imagination of cause)

R48.99 per bottle

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a real crowed-pleaser and one to have in the glass when Caster Semenya excelerates in the last 200 meters, crossing the finish line miles ahead of the other athletes.

R69.99 per bottle

Kumkani Infinity Methode Cap Classique

To infinity and beyond! This Kumkani Methode Cap Classique style wine is the one to pop when the South African team scores their first gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The team at Ultra Liquors wants to which all of our South African athletes the best of luck. Go for gold and make us proud!


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