Feedback Harvest 2012

After our blog post on 21 of February about the Harvest 2012 we now want to give you a feedback on it and also a few pictures.

The 2012 harvest was definitely on to remember. We wrapped up on Thursday the 28th of March with the last Cabernet Sauvignon, just managing to beat the rain. All in all it was our largest harvest since 1998, but the big difference was that despite the size of the harvest, it was one of our best quality harvests. All varieties had higher than average yields, and the biggest increase was definitely on the whites.

Early indications are that the Sauvignon Blanc is crisp with nice tropical flavours, while the Chardonnay is very citrusy in the typical Robertson style. Red wines all show great colour and structure, with standout variety being Cabernet Sauvignon.

Thanks must definitely go to Johan Stemmet and his winemaking team for managing the logistics of such a big harvest. We are also grateful to the harvest teams who on average managed to pick 40 tonnes of fruit each over the season. That works out to over 1 tonne per person per day.


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